The Drugs & Chemicals You Don’t Take

Happy Monday, dear readers, and welcome to the new week. It has been sad to watch the drug crisis that our nation deals with every day across America.

Let Us Not Over Medicate

As I have shared with you in a previous blog post, we all self-medicate.

Since we all agree on this, here are three specific chemicals that I will never put in my body:


Meth, Speed; Crystal; Crank; Tweak; Yaba


Acid; L; Tabs; Blotter; Doses; Trips


There are chemicals and drugs that once you put inside of your body, you will be forever changed, so please use some discernment. If you don’t know what you are taking came from, then don’t do it. My brain and body have thanked me over the years for the drugs I haven’t taken. My observation? A lot of people who use these chemicals in their youth are suffering from a very compromised brain.

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