Music News

It is very important that you track music news on a daily basis since the industry is changing so quickly.

Here is a quick list to look at:

The three biggest trends I see happening:

More artists are recording from home.

More artists are starting their own labels.

More artists are starting their own publishing companies.

The Journey Continues

Yesterday was a big day as I had to figure out how to generate a new SSL code so that this website can continue. I’d like to sincerely thank NameCheap who did a great job of walking me through the steps to keep Stoner.Studio safe online.

The remainder of 2022 will be another big transition for America and the World. If you want to know, dear reader whom this blog for, it’s really for you not me. This site is for those who can still think for themselves. You know something is strange, you can’t really put your finger on it, plus you see people acting weird!